Thanks for your help. It made a huge difference.
Smart as a whip, Emma has one of the broadest lists of capacities I have ever seen—and broad in her case doesn't sacrifice any depth. Full of great ideas, she is also able—unlike some idea giants—to craft those ideas into action. She is a rare find.
I've had the good fortune of getting to witness Emma in action over the years, and her commitment to excellence, integrity and getting to the good stuff is unwavering, inspiring...and rare. As for her work with words and branding? Magical.
For my book Reboot Yourself, I was looking for an editor who would not only look to improve grammar and phrasing, but also someone who could help me write more accessibly for my main geographical market, the USA. Emma is a bilingual (English and Spanish), multitalented, whip-smart wordsmith. Her attention to detail and "ear" for what sounded great was essential. A beating heart for humanity was also a must, cloaked - as am I - in an outer garb of worldy-wise humour. 100% would work with Emma again.
Emma is a force: a masterful storyteller, an innovative thinker, and a personable leader who brings order and flow to the work of shaping a brand. She hears the signal through the noise, and out of it, makes meaning, purpose, and bottom-line value.
Abby Kerr Henneman
Director of Customer and Community Growth
Emma is a talented wordsmith, an adept marketer, and a highly capable community builder. I have worked with her on a number of projects over the past decade and have been consistently impressed by the breadth of her knowledge and her willingness to go above and beyond to exceed client expectations.
Katie Boyer
Content Director