What People Say

Thanks for your help. It made a huge difference.
There are thousands of people in the world who claim to be first-rate writers. I can’t vouch for any of them, but Emma? Yeah, she’s the cream of the crop.
Nichole Owens
Communications Strategist and Advisor
Well, you have just lifted my public face to a whole new level. I am so appreciative about it! You were so easy to work with, so responsive, and the final result was so spectacular.
Emma Alvarez Gibson is the crème de la crème of copywriters. She understands words and the way they work to connect, to convince, to convert. She has that rare ability to slip into a client's voice at will.
Abby Kerr
Content Director
The verbiage was detailed and yet very clear and understandable through and through. From just four documents alone, I was able to derive almost 50 blog post titles to serve my Right Person in the coming year, and all while remaining true to my brand voice values. I’m clear on my brand voice, who I’m here to contribute to, and how I can deliver an editorial and communicative strategy both with empathy and clarity.
Tamisha Ford
Founder, Tamisha Ford Design
Emma's ability to communicate ideas, and to understand what others are trying to communicate, far outshines everyone else I've ever worked with. Her attention to every detail and drive to deliver a product of impeccable quality make her an invaluable asset to any project.
Brian Fuller
Business Data Analyst
Emma is an effective communicator, efficient project manager, and a strategic marketer. She is talented at telling the organization's story in a heartfelt and authentic manner. She has expertly managed multiple projects with limited resources. Her efforts have resulted in higher quality print publications, better performing and more visually appealing online banner and display campaigns, and on budget and timely delivery of projects.
Marian Guirguis
Management Consultant