Collaborations & Other Projects

The Compendium


My podcast, The Compendium, is an exploration of the things that make us human, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Together with my guests — a carefully curated list of bright and fascinating individuals — I examine everything from code-switching to music, from curiosity to the supernatural. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.



Podcast Guest Spots


Madcollage and I discussed creativity, books, language, encounters with inspirational people, and what is enduringly real and cool in this world.





Alex and I talked pop culture, why I’m no longer a TV snob, how Ted Lasso makes me a better person, and a whole lot of other unlikely-sounding but completely true things.



Dyana Valentine and Randi Buckley invited me on to episode 3 of The Challenges of Adult Friendships. In it, we explore the dreaded question: What if the person doesn’t want to be friends with you?




For Agent Vertigo, a project dreamt up by Brian Fuller and myself, I provided lyrics and vocals on “Watching You” and vocals on “Cannibal’s Hymn.” 



Robert’s Doll was an entirely improvised one-take project with Lotus Mae and Mason Mixx of Blim Noir. We took turns on instruments, jumped in on vocals as the spirit moved us, and generally had a lot of raucous fun.