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Hello. I’m Emma.

I create branding, content, and creative strategy for businesses ranging from global corporations to one-person shops. I also edit  books and other types of publications. My boutique agency, Crow Haus, specializes in elevating the businesses of entrepreneurs by focusing on branding, messaging, and audience.

My work has helped companies re-brand, quadruple their fees, land big-ticket, multi-year contracts with renowned institutions, and re-structure their internal culture to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. 

An L.A. native, I live there still, with my husband, son, and two three (!) troublesome dogs. Fluently bilingual (English and Spanish) from the start, I’m conversational in Italian, am studying German, and harbor a secret desire to speak every language in existence. I’ve been known to create things like online magazines and cultural anthologies at the drop of a hat.