You are a Natural Resource

Know who I admire? People who care enough about nature to volunteer to run a state park. For them, or anyway for the ones in Georgia, I put together this self-care booklet.

Jack Move Magazine

Jack Move  was my second online publication, created in 2010, and dedicated to the curation of stories of a media-immersed culture. We had interviews with people like artist Molly Crabapple and legendary author William Gibson, essays and experimental fiction from people like musician Jim Sclavunos (most recently of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and acclaimed Mexican writer Alberto Chimal, as well as fresh photography, playlists, poetry, and recommendations.

Lulu Magazine

Lulu (now available only as an archive) was my first online publication, created in 2002, and staffed pro bono by a wonderful team of creatives all over the world. It was for teenage girls, and was driven largely by my desire to ensure that they had something like what I’d had in the late 80s with Sassy . We published some fun things, like interviews with young women who were DIYing everything from books to soap to cable shows, articles about how to create zines and host a dinner party, a chart about what to expect when dating a boy in a band, and an advice column penned by our sole male staffer.