The answer to most questions is “I write.”

I write fiction. I write copy. I write articles: about people who buy the same kind of car over and over again, about the time my favorite singer fake-propositioned me from the stage, about the phone interview with the author who unknowingly changed the trajectory of my life. I write my name, because I chose it and I like it, and because when I forget that I can change things I don’t like, I can look at my name and remember. I write to find out what I’m thinking, to settle arguments I’m having with myself, to tell people I love them.

Music keeps my heart beating. Language itself is my mother tongue. I’m American by birth; an international bastard otherwise. I’ve been obsessed with advertising all my life. I grew up in Los Angeles, hating it, and assumed I’d move to NYC for a job at Sassy immediately after graduating from college. But Sassy closed up shop early and I dropped out of college to work in film and television. Then I realized that while I no longer loathed Los Angeles, I definitely loathed showbiz.  I met a boy and we got married and had a child. Now there’s a dog and a house, karate lessons and chores, and all that jazz. Routine is exotic decadence, to be frank, and it suits me.

My love for people is even stronger than my inclination toward misanthropy, and if that doesn’t impress you then I’m not telling it right. I love: the sound of typing, ginger tea, anemones and dahlias, red lipstick, photography, gin, pinot grigio, the Pacific Ocean, the way my grandfather laughed, the way my son says the word “chicken,” the 1960s aesthetic I saw in the old, hand-me-down kids’ books I grew up reading, and the fact that the majority of my closest friends are people I met online years ago.

I’ve said too much, or too little; anyway, it’s likely an inaccurate picture I’ve painted here. But perhaps it isn’t.

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Header image: Manuel Sardo on Unsplash