I am: a high-concept, high-output Swiss army knife (human form); a keen-to-clairvoyant creative strategist.

I write: copy, editorial, a coffee table book (currently in progress).

I edit: anything/everything.

I speak: Spanish (fluently), Italian (conversationally), German (not anywhere near conversationally, but I’m stubborn), corporate, marketing, designer, punk rock, nerd.

I work: with a stunning array of individuals and organizations.

My experience runs the gamut from print production to ad sales, from the automotive sector to the small-business world. I’m quick to distill the essence of a message and identify how best to reach its audience. I have a handle on the high dollar ‘soft stuff’ that is hard to hire for: those projects that require a specialist’s touch and proven aesthetic judgement. 

I see what matters, I notice what isn’t being maximized, and then I make things happen.

Get in touch: emma@alvarezgibson.com